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BVU Academic Catalog 23-24 
BVU Academic Catalog 23-24

Tuition and Fees

As a private, independent institution, Buena Vista University primarily derives its income from student tuition and endowment. Since this income does not cover the total educational costs of the university, it is necessary to raise additional funds through gifts from trustees, alumni, parents, churches, business, industry and other sources. Every effort is being made to discover additional economical operating methods to combat inflation without diminishing educational quality.

Tuition and Fee Information for Storm Lake Students

The fees below are for the 2023-2024 academic year. The university reserves the right to increase the rates charged with due notice.

2023-2024 Charges for Resident Students

Standard tuition $40,190
Room - See additional cost for suites $5,266
Board $5,630
Student activities fee N/C
Health service N/C
Student government activities N/C
Student publications N/C
Standard TOTAL $51,086

(tuition, regular room and board)

2023-2024 Charges for Commuter Students

Standard tuition $40,190
Room N/A
Board N/A
Student activities fee N/C
Health service N/C
Student government activities N/C
Student publications N/C
Standard TOTAL $40,190

Additional Fees

Per credit hour $1,352
(less than 12 credit hours or more than 18)  
Late fee tuition payments $100
Audit (per credit hour) $77
Summer tuition - (per credit hour) $465
Undergraduate Education Programs assessment fee $169
Undergraduate Education Programs background check fee $25
Student-teaching fee (based on 3 credit hours) $109
Student-teaching fee (based on 6 credit hours) $218
Student-teaching fee (based on 12 credit hours) $436
Additional out-of-area fee for student teaching:  

Placements more than 60 miles from BVU


Placements more than 100 miles from BVU


Placements more than 200 miles from BVU

Undergraduate graduation fee (payable at registration in final semester) $90

via Clearinghouse


(includes $2.90 online processing fee)


in person


one day/overnight service


international/express - additional

Private music lessons (per credit hour) $398
Art fees (per class) varies by course- $50-$200
Organ rental (per semester/per credit hour) $150
Living in the Suites (per semester) $125
Buyout in the suites as a super single $1048/yr
Single room (designated medium single rooms in Grand, Liberty, White, or Swope) $552/yr
Buyout program for double room as a single room (super single) $938/yr
Room damage deposit* (new students) $100
I.D. - replacement $30
I.D. - passport (three photos) $10
Returned check/ACH fee $30
Parking sticker - yearly $85

Second vehicle - yearly

Library books late charges $5
Not returning laptop (per day) $5

* Residential students pay $200, with $100 being applied to tuition accounts. Commuter students pay $100, with $100 going to tuition accounts.

Note: Some of the above fees do not apply to Buena Vista University Online or Graduate Programs. For current BVU Online or Graduate Program fee information, contact the financial specialist for each division.

Buena Vista University is fully committed to maintaining the high quality of its academic programs and student services. Economic circumstances may necessitate that quality colleges increase their fees on an annual basis. Although Buena Vista University will take all reasonable steps to keep any increases to a minimum, parents and students should plan for possible future increases.


Buena Vista University requires a $200 deposit from entering students. The deposit is not refundable after May 1 of the application year and Dec. 31 for second semester applicants.

For first-time resident students, $100 of the deposit is the room damage deposit. This money is refundable upon graduation or termination of residence, after any damage charges and any balances due are subtracted. Students who never attend classes are not eligible for the refund after April 30 and December 31 for second semester applicants. The other $100 is applied to tuition and fees. For first-time commuters, the entire $100 deposit is applied to tuition and fees.

Methods of Payment

Arrangements for the payment of all obligations to the university must be completed with the Business Office prior to the beginning of the semester, before a student becomes officially enrolled. Failure to meet this obligation can result in a penalty assessed by the Business Office. In addition, interest will be assessed on past due balances. BVU has a monthly payment plan whereby parents and students can pay the portion of tuition, room, and board fees not covered by financial aid. The fall payment plan runs from July through December and the spring payment plan runs from January through June. More information on this plan can be obtained from the Business Office.

All financial aid provided by Buena Vista University will be awarded on a semester basis and will be credited directly to the student’s account prior to the beginning of each semester. If a student has a credit account balance, he or she will receive a refund from the Buena Vista University Business Office, unless the student requests in writing the credit balance remain on account. No transcripts will be released if there is a balance due on the student’s account.

Fee Payment Schedule

The annual fees for tuition, room and board are payable as follows:

Standard Tuition

  Standard Tuition Room* Board Standard Total
Fall semester $20,095 $2,633 $2,815 $25,543
Payable by Aug. 29        
Spring semester $20,095 $2,633 $2,815 $25,543
Payable by Jan. 9        
Total for Year $40,190 $5,266 $5,630 $51,086

*This is living in any dorms except for the suites.

In addition, we estimate that a student living on campus will have approximately $3,631 in expenses for books, supplies, transportation, clothing, telephone, entertainment, etc.

Withdrawal Process

This policy will assist Storm Lake students who feel the need to completely withdraw from the university after a semester has begun but before its conclusion. Students should consult the current BVU policy at this web address:

Institutional Charges & The Return of Institutional & State Aid Policy for Withdrawals

Students who withdraw completely from Buena Vista University will have their tuition, and applicable room and board reduced on a percentage basis up to four weeks into the semester. Students should consult the current BVU policy at this web address:

Return of Title IV Funds Policy

Students who withdraw from the University may be required to return some of the Title IV funds they were awarded as a part of their financial aid package. The policy for determining whether or not funds need to be returned can be found at this link:

Please Contact the Office of Student Success for a copy of BVU’s Leave of Absence Policy. Contact the Office of Financial Assistance for an example of a refund calculation.